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Wedding fun!

Hi everyone,dfdgdgg I hope you&......


Wedding fun!



Hi everyone,dfdgdgg
I hope you're having a lovely weekend. 
Yesterday I went to a wedding with my friends.  If you read my previous blog post 'Lifting our spirits for Spring!', you may have noticed I've become a little obsessed with the colour raspberry!

This dress is from Kabuki Boutique. They have beautiful dresses arriving next season (This is a little taste of whats to come).
I instantly fell in love with the colour, the neck embellishment and the sleeves. I'm obsessed with sleeves. Whether they are puff sleeves, butterfly or caped (like the ones in this post), I love them. It's not very often you will see me wearing a dress without them ! 

For my accessories, I kept the colours and design in line with the dress. 
My hat is made from a beautiful raspberry silk (a little treasure I found in Thailand). I added black and gold beads to give an embellished look. 
I wore my trusty black peep-toes shoes and patent clutch. 

Below are some pictures with my friends, we had a brilliant night ! 
Jennifer x

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